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Time2change - Laois CBT


Katie O'Hara - Reg. Psych., M.Sc. CBT

Behaviour Support

Challenging behaviour is often attributed to the person demonstrating the behaviour but the challenge often belongs to those surrounding the person. Family, carers and support people are often challenged to find out why the person has a need to engage in that behaviour. They want to know what they can do to support the person so they no longer have a need to engage in challenging behaviour.

Behavioural Consultation offers a comprehensive approach to assessment, planning and intervention that focuses on addressing the person’s needs, their home environment and overall quality of life. 

Behaviour Support can assist by:

  • helping the person understand their daily life using clearer ways of communicating with them such as introducing a picture schedule
  • changing the environment to make where they live and work better for him/her (such as reducing high noise levels)
  • improving the person’s lifestyle so they have more interesting and enjoyable activities to keep them involved and connected with their community, such as helping the person gain employment and supporting recreational or other activities of interest
  • changing the environment so the person is involved in meaningful and positive relationships with others.