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Time2change - Laois CBT


Katie O'Hara - Reg. Psych., M.Sc. CBT

Helping weight problems with CBT

Traditional weight-loss programs try to alter a person’s eating habits and level of activity. Some diets focus on just one food group to help someone lose weight. What these ‘trendy’ diets don’t take into account are the thoughts and feelings associated with obesity that are found deep within a person’s psychological make-up. CBT identifies the eating behaviour of someone who is obese and then helps them to link it to their thoughts and feelings.

Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help obesity

CBT also helps people suffering from obesity or weight issues become aware of their automatic thinking processes. Understanding how to monitor thoughts means that any negative patterns can be challenged and altered. Automatic thought is where habit resides and in the case of obesity and weight problems it can hinder any attempt at losing weight and becoming healthy again. CBT examines how a person perceives their body image, motivation, coping mechanisms, thoughts about food and dieting beliefs. These all reside within the automatic thought process and if these perceptions are negative then obesity can occur.

CBT uses tailored individual strategies to help interrupt, challenge and alter the negative thought patterns associated with over-eating. CBT breaks down eating problems to manageable parts making it easier to understand how those parts connect and affect a person both physically and emotionally. Obesity can be overcome with CBT by developing new patterns of thinking that lead to healthier ways of eating, dieting and exercise.

CBT boosts self-esteem in people who are overweight

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help increase self-esteem by gaining an insight into how overweight people view themselves and how that affects their motivation to lose weight. Increasing self-acceptance boosts motivation to treat the body in a healthier way which in turn leads to further weight-loss and feelings of well-being.